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Why Has Driver Turnover Decreased?

The latest Outbound Magazine focuses on the trucking industry; the changes in the market, infrastructure plans, and newly proposed legislation. Dr. David Correll spoke with the magazine to give an overview of his research on the trucking industry. You can view the...

FreightLab Book Review: “Sweatshops on Wheels”

BOOK REVIEWSweatshops on Wheels: Winners and Losers in Trucking DeregulationBy Michael BelzerOxford University Press (2000)Reviewed by David HC Correll Michael Belzer wants you to know two things about American trucking: (1) it hasn’t always been this way; and (2) it...

Over-the-road Trucking & High-Turnover

Over-the-road #trucking is an infamously high-turnover industry. Often times turnover meets or exceeds 100%, meaning that trucking companies start each new year with an entirely new set of drivers. This is costly.